Was the Trump Summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un a Success?

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As a matter of opinion, private citizens and news commentators have different opinions on how well the summit in Singapore went between the USA and North Korea’s leaders. In the first summit between the two countries which took place last week on June 12, 2018, allegedly some concessions were made by both sides of the aisle. First, the USA agreed to halt its joint military exercises with South Korea calling them “provocative” but reserving the right to reinstate them at any time, based upon the future actions of North Korea. Many commentators disliked this concession- calling it foolish and playing straight into the hands of the North Koreans. In exchange, Trump has gotten the North Korean leader to agree to return up to 200 sets of the remains of USA war veterans from the Korean War which is set to be planned in the upcoming days. He also claims that part of this deal included the release of three American hostages, which preceded the Summit.

As a diplomatic measure, it seems to have appeased the North Korean dictator in some sense. According to President Trump, Kim Jong Un also agreed to destroy another nuclear facility at the conclusion of their meeting as a bonus. The documents signed by both leaders indicate that North Korea is to begin denuclearization but there is no clear timeline or timetable set out.

Critics believe nothing significant was accomplished at the Singapore Summit, while others give a more favorable opinion in recent polling. Some believe the North Korean nuclear threat has been eliminated, some people that this is a step in the right direction, while others claim the USA gave up too much and received nothing in return. According to a new CNN poll, more than half, approximately 52% of Americans are satisfied with the outcome of the Summit– and the historic meeting that took place.

British Royal Wedding

Mark Berookim did not write this blog post and the content within this article does not express his views on the topic.

The British Royal wedding of American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was held this past Saturday on May 19, 2018, in the UK. They were wed at a smaller church, St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The Queen of England attended the wedding this past weekend. There was much speculation as to whether she was pleased and approved of the wedding although most media coverage indicates the Queen gave her blessing and approval. The Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip, was also in attendance. Much commentary was made on the bride Meghan’s past as a divorcee and the fact that the Queen did not attend the re-marriage and wedding of her son Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles. Meghan breaks typical British royal tradition on several grounds but her devotion and love for Prince Harry is apparent. For example, other royals like Prince William do not show affection in public or hold hands which is something Prince Harry and Meghan are often seen doing. Click here to explore photographs and more about the royal family’s special day.

Iran’s Nuclear Program

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The recent presentation by Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu regarding the Iran Nuclearization program has caused many people on both sides of the issue to present their opinions and views regarding Iran’s honesty regarding its plans to nuclearize. In an operation by Mossad, thousands of pages of Iranian nuclear ideas, sketches, drawings, documents and CD-ROMs which were locked in safes in a warehouse in Iran were stolen and captured by the Israeli government.

Many people are saying that nothing new was revealed by the Prime Minister’s speech regarding Iran’s plans and that everyone knew all along that Iran was up to proliferating its nuclear program. This is something Iran’s government flatly denies and claims does not match with their religious or moral beliefs.

The revelation by Bibi comes in timing with President Trump’s deadline is May 12th to decide if he wants to pull out of the deal and re-negotiate a new one and continue waiving sanctions on Iran. Iran’s government representative indicated they are prepared to go back to the previous status quo and will not negotiate a new deal. The whole world is waiting to see what will happen.

Toronto Attack Killed 10 Pedestrians and Injured Many More

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An attack in Toronto, Canada occurred on Monday by a 25-year-old by the name of Alek Minassian. He was charged with 13 counts of attempted murder on Tuesday. 10 people were killed and 14 people were injured when the attacker drove into pedestrians intentionally and systematically, allegedly targeting women. For now, authorities are claiming it is not a terrorist attack. The reasons for this crime are not yet known as well as Minassian’s motives.

Authorities are investigating his social media posts to understand why he did this. The police officer who also was able to detain and handcuff Minassian showed much restraint when he did not fire a single shot although Minassian repeatedly taunted the officer by appearing to draw a weapon. It was later learned that the item was not a weapon although at the time of the confrontation with the officer, Minassian claimed he was holding a gun in his hands.

Other observers to the incident (including two vehicles) tried to block off Minassian’s access to the pedestrians, but he was able to circumvent them– showing this to be a tragic yet intentional act of murder on his part.