Learn More About Mark Berookim

As a co-founder and CEO of The Marcole Group, High Rise Financial, The Academic Advantage and Everly. Mark Berookim has experience and knowledge across multiple industries of tutoring, legal, finance, education and academic, and real estate sectors. Through years of partnership with his identical twin brother, Michael Berookim, together they have become leaders in developing innovative schools of thought and ideas which make their business model so successful.

His roots tell a lot of his story. Going through the public education system of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) shaped Mark’s vision and goals for his future and his interest in academic success. He knew the power of education from early on which led him to his first passion of educational opportunities for all students with the benefits of academic success. Seeing the accessibility and value of public education during his time in LAUSD schools affected his upbringing and appreciation for self-growth. He pursued this passion for years when he became a co-founder of The Academic Advantage and later on established a tutoring company called Everly that sought to provide easy access online to many students at all levels of success to help them excel in their educations.

It was through this prism of education that Mark Berookim became so involved in his community to help improve such a fundamental value of basic important to all. He created a succession and multiplicity of success stories where he has teams of individuals with amplitudes of experience who believe and support in his vision for the future with regard to educational and academic opportunities for all.

Mark Berookim, a newlywed, enjoys spending time with his wife and pet dog on the weekends. He is a yoga student and enjoys relaxing time on Sundays to regroup and prepare for the week ahead.

As an aspiring figure in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills community of Iranian Jewish Americans, he is respected for his enormous philanthropic contributions and has donated over $250,000 to non-profits education programs.