Learn More About Mark Berookim

Mark Berookim was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, Mark always wanted to be a businessman. As early as elementary school, Mark had a very entrepreneurial spirit – while most of the other kids were interested in playing, Mark was focused on making things happen through various endeavors.

In 2000, at the age of 19, Mark Berookim decided to start a tutoring company with his identical twin brother, Michael Berookim. They started their business from their childhood bedroom, with no funding in hand. Often working seven days a week with 80-hour workweeks, Mark quickly grew their business from the ground up and oversaw incremental growth year after year.

During the first several years, the focus was on individual tutoring services to students ranging from grades K-12 in middle to high income neighborhoods. Later, the focus shifted to meeting the needs of public school students through government funded tutoring programs. Mark’s tutoring companies included The Academic Advantage (individualized small group and one on one tutoring), 1-on-1 Learning with Laptops (online, technology based instruction), Everly (tech-enabled, on demand in-home tutoring platform), Elevate Learning (in-home instruction), and The Marcole Group (K12 Management Services).

After 16 years, these tutoring companies operated in various states throughout the country, servicing over 170,000 students and hiring over 35,000 tutors. Mark’s various companies have received numerous awards and testimonials from high-ranking school district officials, government leaders and a myriad of educators (please click here to read testimonials about Mark Berookim).

2016 saw an end to federal laws on funding for government tutoring programs. Therefore, as one phase of his career came to an end, another emerged. Mark started High Rise Financial, which provides funds to individuals nationwide who are involved in a personal injury accident. The clients are able to use this money to stay afloat while their pending accident case is being negotiated by their attorney. High Rise Financial was recently featured on Yahoo!.

Mark understands the importance of giving back. Over the years through his business ventures and personal holdings, he has donated to various public education agencies and 501c3’s. Some of these include the Maccabiah Games Committee of 18 (board member), AIPAC, Magbit Foundation (board member), LA’s Best After School Program, LAUSD’s Beyond the Bell After School Program, and more.