Iran’s Nuclear Program

Mark Berookim did not write this blog post and the content within this article does not express his views on the topic.

The recent presentation by Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu regarding the Iran Nuclearization program has caused many people on both sides of the issue to present their opinions and views regarding Iran’s honesty regarding its plans to nuclearize. In an operation by Mossad, thousands of pages of Iranian nuclear ideas, sketches, drawings, documents and CD-ROMs which were locked in safes in a warehouse in Iran were stolen and captured by the Israeli government.

Many people are saying that nothing new was revealed by the Prime Minister’s speech regarding Iran’s plans and that everyone knew all along that Iran was up to proliferating its nuclear program. This is something Iran’s government flatly denies and claims does not match with their religious or moral beliefs.

The revelation by Bibi comes in timing with President Trump’s deadline is May 12th to decide if he wants to pull out of the deal and re-negotiate a new one and continue waiving sanctions on Iran. Iran’s government representative indicated they are prepared to go back to the previous status quo and will not negotiate a new deal. The whole world is waiting to see what will happen.